Categories of oranges

Since tangerines sweets we advise buying oranges.

If you want to buy oranges at traditional stores (stores district, supermarkets, greengrocer or grocery stores) must observe different physical oranges features, as they are the size, colour and above all do not have insect bites, or are torn by coups any hail that has been the farmer in his fields, and even some frost.

When it comes to making them the storekeeper is guided by different categories of products that are naturally much greater greater product quality will be the same price (is a reference to follow).

  • Extra oranges: does not present any damage.
  • First Orange: with small defects in the form of orange or color.
  • Second oranges: The damage to the fruit are the same as in the previous but more pointed.
  • Oranges from third: Contains a large number of malfunctions or damage and does not contain the typical characteristics of the kind of orange that belongs.

You always have to take into account other elements of more personal value, such as the thickness of the skin, the size of the fruit and acidity of the product. We appreciate the tension of oranges at the time of the purchase, if they are too soft probably due to carrying too many days collected, and think that with the passage of days yet they will become softer.

With the passage of time and if we are testing all the different varieties of oranges that you can buy a season, will be able to discover the differences that define them and appreciate are those that best adapt to our palate, because from the collection of citrus by mid-September, starts until this activity is complete more or less the end of June, they pass through the market a large number of varieties of Valencian oranges, and if we know what that we like we can increase their consumption just in that period of collection.

In Tangerine candy you avoid all the problems in the purchase of Orange, since we are farmers who we are going to select your favorite fruit, always select ripe, at the optimum time oranges, also select the best calibers and not submit damage, delivering the best oranges that we grow in the shortest possible time.

 Enjoy our assortment of oranges