Properties of the mandarins

Our tangerines they contain vitamin C which makes them one of food for all families. If we consume four or more pieces of mandarin oranges a day will be able to cover the shortcomings of our body of vitamin C, it is recommended primarily for people who need to increase by special needs vitamin C as infants, pregnant or smoking, being an excellent antioxidant also tangerines for the organism.

The different contributions conferred on us by the consumption of tangerines to our body are potassium so that our body's metabolism is regular, essential calcium to our dental and bone system. Mandarins contain high fiber in large amount which helps the intestinal tract, it prevents diseases of the heart, obesity, or colon cancer. If tangerines we consume before lunchtime, they provoke a feeling of fullness that we can leverage for thinning.

Tangerines are for if same the best fruit next to the oranges for consumption throughout the period winter, given that help us to protect our body from colds and flus so common in those times. So would reduce those annoying symptoms of colds and flu, are even more beneficial for the elderly who are more prone to all these types of diseases.

Summing up the components of the tangerines would be:

  • Vitamin B, citric acid, vitamin C, carotene and reducing sugar.
  • It is a fruit anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory, highly recommended for asthmatics.
  • Helps with digestion and treatments against ulcers.
  • It is a barrier against winter infections.
  • It prevents many other degenerative heart or cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to the buy tangerines you are buying an exquisite and refreshing product that love to all the family.


 Enjoy our assortment of tangerines