Mandarinas y naranjas de Valencia

Hello, my name is Vicente García Giménez, I am a farmer, I am dedicated to the cultivation of oranges and tangerines.


I give you the Welcome to Tangerine candy my online shop of sale of oranges and tangerines on the internet direct to home.


In this Shop virtual you will be able buy oranges online and tangerines of different kind and different periods of harvesting, thus whenever siempre que quieras you want you can come to "Tangerines sweets" and you'll find to the Valencian oranges for sale and tangerines. Whenever they are in the optimal state of maturation for sale online, we will send them yourself directly to your home in a carton for later reuse or recycling.


The sale of Valencian oranges and tangerines directly "Mandarins sweets" is receive them 24 h after being selected and cut to you, thus them enjoy fresh with all of its properties and the flavour of the best Valencian oranges and best tangerines.


Comprar naranjas y mandarinas onlineOur oranges and tangerines are high quality because we have selected the best varieties and which better acclimatized to the environment to thus obtain oranges and tangerines we want.


The implementation of this store of sale of oranges online and Mandarin online It is to bring our products to the final consumer, thereby achieving two fundamental goals in any fruit crop, the first is to get our oranges and tangerines who will enjoy them and with this method the consumer get the best fruit, in its optimum point of ripeness in a quick and easy, the second of our goals is to get a crop yields greater than we get for the classic distribution channels, and so we are putting part of our efforts in this project that benefits both the farmer as to the consumer.


Naranjas de Valencia a domicilioIn Tangerine candy our oranges and tangerines, cultivate them using the method of Integrated production o Integrated agriculturewith this system we get the best fruits keeping the protection and improvement of the environment, improving natural resources, preserving the genetic diversity and the conservation of soil and landscape, in this way we get more better flavor color fruits and more healthy, providing the sale of Valencian oranges by internet and the sale of tangerines the best quality.




 Enjoy our ASSORTMENT OF ORANGES and our assortment of tangerines