Varieties of oranges

We will show the different varieties of Valencian oranges that you can find at the moment, 100% natural you will find some of the best oranges mandarins sweets.

More than 300 kinds of varieties of oranges have been developed. However now in the market are handled around 30 varieties of oranges in the market, since not all varieties are used for the same thing and others do not have the flavor or quality to be marketed.

  • Group of Navel oranges. Calls in this way by having a kind of navel at the end of the fruit and the word Navel means navel in English. It is the variety most extended, given its quality both in flavor, color and size. Its flavor sweet and pleasant, the lack of seeds in almost all of the different varieties that have been developed, the large amount of juice, an easy-to-peel thick-skinned make this set of oranges the best choice for the commercialization of these citrus fruits.

There are so many varieties of Navel oranges is can be collected from the start of the campaign until almost the end of the same in June.
The main producers of Navel oranges are Spain in the Mediterranean area and in Morocco, you can also find these fruits throughout the summer period, but they already come from fields in the South as South America or South Africa.

Within this group are among the best known:

  1. Oranges Washington: This is par excellence, all other than Navel orange is going to describe comes from this Orange. It is large, has a medium colorful navel, the skin is thick and rough so it is easy to peel, its color is yellowish and has a taste very balanced between sugars and acidity of Orange. All this makes it one of the most suitable table oranges
  2. Oranges Navelina: Is that first collected from mid-October until the end of February, this Orange is more oval than the rest of the Navel oranges and the navel is not certainly distinguished, is very easy to peel, seedless and is easy to eat given the smoothness of its flesh, thanks to its exquisite taste is the most desired in its collection period.
  3. Navelate oranges: This variety begins to collect when you are finalizing Navelina oranges, and extends until April, it is somewhat difficult to peel because skin that is thin, this Orange is recommended for the preparation of juices, but it is also a good Orange table.
  4. Orange Lane Late: Also skin thin and little navel, is after Navelate oranges what is marketed more for its flavor and its juice, have the sprue to the subject to the tree very hard this Orange is kept in perfect condition much time in the tree.
  5. Navel Barnfield oranges: Without a doubt is one of the best Valencian oranges that exist today in the market. They have a special taste exquisite where are balanced in a perfect way the acidity together with sugar, they are full of the best juice oranges I've tried, its rounded shape and its strong orange color are perfect, they have one somewhat smaller than the rest caliber but outweigh it clearly with exquisite quality. They are collected from mid-March until the end of May. For my taste the best Valencian oranges table or juice.
  • Oranges called smooth group. They collect both table and the extraction of their juice. Unlike the previous Navel oranges they have l navel at the end of the Orange, most have seeds inside, doing something annoying for consumption at the table.

Among all known we will present the following:

  1. Orange Valencia Late: This group is the most consumed by the markets, has a thin skin and contains many great-tasting juice, hardly presents nuggets and stays quite some time in the tree, this next to the late in starting the collection give the result be eating oranges up to in July.
  2. Valencia oranges: Valencia Late oranges is very similar to the previous one, only which is collected before and not hold as well in the tree, although if that is well preserved because it grows on the inside of the orange tree.
  3. Oranges Salustianas: The maturation of this variety is middle of cycle between January and April. E sweet and flat form of high juice content and has seeds but in small amounts.

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