Diet Orange

From Sweet tangerines we propose you to lose weight and regain health with diet Orange

To lose weight, it is necessary, take 2 litres of Orange juice in the day, one in fasting and another liter of Orange juice in the afternoon. Is necessary that the Orange juice will take at least 30 minutes before eating other food and after 2 hours after eating. Orange juice fresh (freshly squeezed) must be never a canned juice. This diet will help to drag and release the cumulative and excessive fat in the body as well as waste and toxic that they may be the cause of overweight, there are to be taken with bagasse and, if possible, Peel the Orange and eat it in segments.

With this diet, in addition to losing weight, the body will benefit from the following:

· The blood, liver, and skin will be cleaned.
· Dissolve the residue of the stomach.
· It helps heal ulcers.
· It prevents and helps heal infections.
· It helps to heal wounds.
· Ideal for treating pancreatitis.
· It makes fluent bile and pancreatic juice.
· Combat constipation.
· It is used to treat hemorrhoids.
· It strengthens the immune system.
· Remove accumulated mucus.
· Orange disinfects and cleans the colon.
· They strengthen and heal the kidneys and glands.
· It helps to effectively treat cysts, ulcers, tumors and inflammations of the bladder.

Enjoy our assortment of oranges