Tangerine Marmalade.

Sabrosa mermelada de mandarina

P ingredientsARA a kilo of fruit of tangerines:

600 grams of sugar
the juice of a lemon
50 or 60 grams of pipes of Mandarin, or bitter oranges (contain the pectin required)
If you like, a stick of cinnamon

Steps to jam mandarilhas:

  1. In a saucepan it gets boiling pipes of the Mandarin tangerine juice with half a glass of water. It reduces a little and reserves.
  2. Crushed bare fruit, with the other half unpeeled half., leaving the consistency to personal taste, add the sugar, the lemon juice, the broth having boiled pipes, previously cast, and cinnamon, is put to boil until you take point.
  3. When the desired thickness is placed in jars and is boiled in the traditional way (the perfume lasted several days in the kitchen).

 Enjoy our assortment of tangerines