Orange juice 10Kg.


  • Buy first quality Valencia juice oranges.
  • Directas from the tree to your table.
  • Without treatment after harvest.
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  • 30 Valencian oranges approximately.

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Height18 cm.
Width31 cm.
Depth47 cm.
Weight10 Kg.

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In Tangerine candy We offer you the best Valencian oranges for juice each season.

Here you can buy Valencian oranges for juice online selected in the tree at the moment do your order, as the season proceeds We will be selecting the best juice oranges that moment by choosing among different varieties of oranges which we have (Orange Navelina, oranges ship late, Washington, Navel Barnfield oranges oranges, oranges Navel Powell).

Each variety of oranges has its own characteristics of color, size, quantity of juice and flavor, this form can enjoy each of them at their best, given that we select only the best oranges for juice each season.

Here is a chart with the periods of collection approximate-value of each of the varieties we have, seeing this graph you will know when you do your purchase of oranges what will be those that acquire.

Temporada de naranjas

When someone wants to buy Valencian oranges for juice, it is logical to know the qualities of each of the varieties of oranges has in the market at that time, here we show you the different properties of oranges which we have for sale.


Oranges NavelinaThis Orange is a family of the Navel (umbilicus in English), was generated from a mutation of the variety Early Navel in California, this Orange is the first that is collected by Valencia beginning its period of harvesting in late October and extending until the middle of January. The tree is medium sized and very leafy with a very peculiar dark green.

The oranges Navelina are rounded to somewhat elongated, an orange intense, this Valencia Orange do not contain seeds and shows a very large navel, you don't have much juice but if a tight and fleshy pulp.

Navelina Valencian oranges medium-sized with a content of juice that goes from 50 to 54%, an orange intense and hovering a weight between 180 and 220 gr.

Navelina oranges are the first we started to enjoy the season being one of the most awaited Valencian oranges.


 Orange ship late as its name suggests (late afternoon = English), it is later than the Washington, which is beginning to appear in December and runs until the end of May early June. It is a somewhat smaller orange but sweeter, without seeds and very firmly catching to the tree, so it does not require as hasty as the previous collection. This allows you to pick it up more later, when the earliest varieties have already harvested.

The Valencian oranges ship late contains between 50 and 54% of juice, contains a crust that is somewhat thinner than the rest of the Navel, the flesh is very juicy and tasty, shape is elliptical or spherical, with a low index of coloration, its size is not very large which comes to weigh between 160 and 200 gr. Unit.

Valencian oranges ship latemedium-sized and elongated shape. Pale-orange skin. Inconspicuous navel abroad. Without seeds. Very juicy pulp of exceptional quality.


Oranges WashingtonThis Orange is the branch of the Navel (umbilicus in English), its collection joins the Orange Navelina and runs from December to February. The tree is vigorous and very lush, this being larger than that of the Navelina and leaves have as color a dark green.

The oranges Washington they are large and rounded, a deep orange color, they do not contain seeds and displays a large navel, this Valencia OrangeIt has a level half of juice and a juicy pulp.

Valencian oranges Washingtonlarge content in juice ranging from 50 to 55%, a color intense Orange and with a weight between 210 and 240 gr.

Oranges Barnfield Late Navel. It is a variety of Orange late, its collection period runs from February until the middle of may, the fruit firmly caught in the teton stays on the tree longer than other oranges in the same period of collection, the oranges Barnfield are of the same size as the Washington, with one higher amount of juice that is well balanced with the point of acidity, resulting a more tasty and palatable Orange

The Valencian oranges Navel Barnfield It does not contain seeds and if a high juice, between 55 and 58% content, get a medium caliber weighing between 200 and 230, round shape, and with a degree of orange color, the crust is just like its predecessor the Orange Washington, presented little navel abroad

Its high juice content and its size make of the Valencian oranges Navel Barnfield some of the most appetizing and tasty market.


Valencian oranges Navel Powelltable or juice, the family of the Navel, the Valencian Orange authentic flavor.

Late to being its collection period variety is between February and mid-June, the Orange keeps a good adhesion to the nipple, making it ideal for a late harvest. The size of the Valencian oranges Navel Powell It is superior to Washington, with a greater amount of juice.

 The Valencian oranges Navel Powell It does not contain seeds, its share in juice is between 55 and 58%, its caliber is big and weigh between 240 and 260 Gr. Unit, the form of this variety is rounded, with just slightly less thick than the Washington skin size and also with a medium level of staining.

In Tangerine candy you can buy best juice oranges for you and your family.

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Muy buenas Estupendas, Naranjas Navelate zumo 100%
Estoy agusto con la calidad del producto y el servicio pero lo que no entiendo es la diferencia del precio de hace 2-3 semanas a esta.
Estupendas, Naranjas Navelate zumo 100%.