Mandarins Clemenrubi 10 Kg.

Here you will be able buy mandarins Clemenrubi at the best price.

Nice flavor, the skin is thin and easy to peel with a rounded shape.

Directas from the tree to your table, without treatment after harvest.

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Approximately 10 Kg boxes.

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24,11 €

2,14 € per 1Kg.

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Data sheet

Height18 cm.
Width31 cm.
Depth47 cm.
Weight10 Kg.

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Exquisite mandarins of the variety Clemenrubi, the caliber of the fruit is slightly greater than Oronules and more uniform, having a very attractive intense reddish orange color. The flesh is tender, with a good flavor juice content. The bark is consistent, but at the same time easy skinned. Sensitive to the hit of Sun and the blowing when it is overripe.


The Mandarin Clemenrubi belongs to the Group of clementines. Tree is not vigorous short has thorns and leaves are narrow, small and intense green color. The collection period is too early can start to reap from the first half of September until the end of October, just pips it presents, and has an intense orange colour high, its quantity in juice is similar to the Clemenules, your skin is thin and medium size not passing of 90 gr. per unit.


 The Mandarin Clemenrubi contains a percentage of juice between 47 and 55%, with oval-shaped and has a bright orange high, just contains nuggets, fine and easy-to-peel skin, size that does not exceed of the 90 gr. per piece, the best of this Mandarin medium is its collection period doing that we can enjoy it from September.

Harvest season.



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